Cmdr. Rurik Battlehammer

Dwarf Barbarian, Party


Folk Hero, Lawful Good, Mountain Dwarf, 79 years old, Green Eyes, Light Brown Skin, Reddish Brown Hair, 4’5 Tall.


Rurik Battlehammer is a warrior of Gabilgathol’s special forces. A stout loyalist of the Stone King, Rurik has been campaigning against the rebels since the outbreak of the civil war. He distinguished himself in battle multiple times, even thwarting a secret attack on Gabithgathol itself. These exploits led him to be in command of his own company of mountain dwarves.

The company, the 11th Corps ’Stone’s Fist’, was on a mission behind the rebel lines to disrupt and sabotage supplies and communications. While leading an advance squad through the caverns of the rebel outpost however, Rurik and his comrades were ambushed and outnumbered by rebels. The sole survivor of the squad, Rurik seeks to reunite with rest of the 11th and complete their mission, by any means necessary.

Cmdr. Rurik Battlehammer

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