Davril Carter

Human Rogue, Player


Deity: Strio(loosley)
Hometown: The Harbor of Southpoint
Mother: Magstina Gellantara (barmaid)
Father: Ricnan Songsteel (petty thief)
Davril is the youngest of 3 sons, 12 years younger than his twin brothers. His mother is a barmaid that makes a very modest living barely enough to support 3 sons. His father a petty thief rarely bringing in any income. His brothers both had “jobs” by the time he knew what a brother was. With his father out looking for “work”, and being too poor to afford a babysitter his mother often took him to the tavern with her while she worked. Most of the regulars at the tavern liked Davril and taught him many bar games and tricks, his favorite was 3 card monty. Around the age of 7 he started tagging along with his father on some of his “jobs”. While his father rarely stole anything worth the effort, he did teach Davril the basics of thievery and stealth. As the years went on Davril surpassed his fathers thievery ability and his father stopped letting him tag along, afraid that Davril would get credit for his heists. At the age of 12, Davril wasn’t allowed to go to the tavern anymore because he angered a lot of patrons with his 3 card monty scam, and his father wouldn’t let him join any longer. So he got an honest job, working for a local tailor. He was no expert, but he did get good enough that the tailor let him run the shop on slow days. 3 months before his 16th birthday, Davril’s father was hanged for a murder he didn’t commit. A year later his mother re-married. Bored with his life and with nowhere to live, Davril decided to set out to be an adventurer.
After a couple years Davril was sleeping in a house that was set on fire, and killed a man with a grappling hook.

Current agenda = get hand healed
Current motivations = money, fun, and adventure
Davril is also slightly surprised that the party trusts him as much as they do.. being a rogue and all

Davril Carter

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